Panmure Panmure


Panmure is a lively ‘town within a city’, with a strong community spirit.

Nestled underneath the striking Maungarei (Mt Wellington) and alongside the Panmure basin and the Tāmaki river, it’s also just thirteen minutes from downtown Auckland by train. There’s a bustling high street, a library, and five schools in the area, including Sommerville School for students with special educational needs. 


There’s a lot to love about Panmure. Here are a few local favourites.

Queen's Road

Panmure’s heritage and diverse cultural makeup is reflected in its high street, where historic buildings sit alongside great places to eat, shop and connect with neighbours. There are over 240 businesses in this area, supported by an active business community. Whether it’s lu pulu masima from the islands, traditional Malaysian hand-pulled noodles, Sri Lankan spices or craft beer; you’ll find it here on Queen’s Road.

Panmure Basin

Much of community life in Panmure happens in and around the basin. Many Aucklanders have fond memories of days spent splashing at the Lagoon Pool and Leisure Centre, which hugs the basin’s shoreline. The Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club is also situated on its shores, and the path that winds its way around the lagoon is dotted with playgrounds and is well loved by local families.

Space to play

Panmure residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to play and enjoy the great outdoors. The extensive Mt Wellington War Memorial Reserve is situated between Panmure and the coast, and is home to tennis courts, the Marist rugby club grounds, and the waka ama and boating clubs. There are plentiful playgrounds in the area for the kids, and a coastal walkway which will eventually form part of the planned Tāmaki loop.


Over the next two decades, the Tāmaki regeneration programme will build on Panmure’s many strengths to create an even brighter future for everyone who lives here. Here are a few of the changes on the way.

Town centre revitalisation

Together with Panuku, the Maungakieke-Tāmaki Local Board and the Panmure Business Association, we’re working on a range of initiatives to bring a fresh vitality to the Panmure town centre, including upgraded streetscapes, better walking and cycling connections to and from the town centre, and a new community hub and town square. We’ll also continue to support local businesses to grow, and to attract new businesses to the area.

Tāmaki Loop

The Tāmaki Loop is set to become a popular family destination for locals and visitors alike. This shared pedestrian and cycle route will connect residents across Tāmaki to each other, the striking Maungarei (Mount Wellington), and the sparkling awa, taking in expansive parks and playgrounds. Co-designed with local iwi, hāpu and the community, and built in partnership with the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board, it will showcase Tāmaki’s rich natural and cultural history along the way.

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The Dunkirk Neighbourhood, Panmure Central

The Dunkirk neighbourhood in Panmure has something for everyone. Tamariki can walk next door to Panmure Bridge Primary School, or through an upgraded Mauinaina Reserve to Dunkirk Road Playground. It’s surrounded by peaceful green spaces and the Tāmaki Estuary, but only a 20 minute walk from the eclectic eateries of bustling Queen’s Road. And sports lovers are spoilt for choice, with the Marist Rugby Club, Panmure Pool & Leisure Centre, Tāmaki Outrigger Canoe Club, and the Panmure Yacht & Boat Club all within walking distance. Our first development in Dunkirk - a small collection of eighteen high-quality homes bordering the primary school - includes state homes, affordable homes reserved for purchase by Tāmaki whānau, and accessible homes.

The Derna Tobruk Neighbourhood, Panmure North

Over one hundred high-quality homes will be built in the Derna Tobruk neighbourhood by mid-2022, including 66 homes for sale on the open market, seven affordable homes reserved for those with a connection to Tāmaki, and 31 state homes. As at December 2021, half of the houses are already completed and a connected, thriving community is taking shape. 

Wrapped by three nature reserves, this peaceful pocket of Panmure runs along the edge of the Tāmaki River, and borders Sommerville School and Tāmaki Primary School. Derna Tobruk’s streets and underground infrastructure are being upgraded, and its green spaces are being restored and renovated to provide plenty of space to play. Auckland Council is planning a new playground and fitness loop at Riverside and Dunkirk reserves.

The Hīnaki Neighbourhood, Panmure North

Construction in the Hīnaki neighbourhood, in Panmure North, is currently underway. Right at the heart of everything that’s good about Tāmaki, the Hīnaki neighbourhood is situated four minutes’ drive from Panmure Town Centre, and three minutes’ drive from Glen Innes Town Centre. It borders Ruapotaka School and is just a 12 minute off-road stroll along the soon-to-be-upgraded Boundary Reserve to the Tāmaki Estuary. Our builder partners NZ Living, Jalcon, Housing Foundation and Generation Homes are building over 300 new public housing homes, affordable homes for sale, secure affordable rental homes, and homes for sale on the open market in Hīnaki, including accessible homes.