Regeneration Programme Regeneration Programme

Regeneration Programme


The Tāmaki regeneration programme is building on the strengths of every corner of Tāmaki to create unique, beautiful neighbourhoods. Over the next 20 years, we’re working alongside the Tāmaki community and our partners to bring more homes, parks and playgrounds, infrastructure, transport, education and jobs, so that everyone in Tāmaki can flourish and grow. 

There are six neighbourhoods in Tāmaki where construction is currently underway  - Line-Epping, Hīnaki, Overlea, West Tāmaki, Derna Tobruk, and Dunkirk.


Large scale regeneration programmes are complex and take time, but the benefits can be life changing. We’re guided by our vision for Tāmaki as a place where everyone can flourish in an inclusive, affordable and vibrant community. There are four key priorities for the Tāmaki regeneration programme: Social (supporting Tāmaki whānau to thrive), Economic (helping the local economy to thrive), Placemaking (supporting local cultural identity and sense of belonging) and Housing (building homes and communities). Read more below.


We’re committed to supporting Tāmaki locals to gain knowledge and skills for a brighter future. We work with our partners to provide whānau with education and employment opportunities through the Tāmaki Jobs & Skills Hub, which has supported over 850 people into jobs. We offer a wide range of affordable housing options for Tāmaki whānau, along with financial knowledge and tools to help achieve their housing goals. We work with partners on social initiatives, and projects in the pipeline include an early childhood education centre and a kidney care centre.


Economic development is an integral part of what we are working to achieve for Tāmaki. We aim to strengthen the local economy and maximise the potential of Tāmaki for all who live and work here. Together with our partners, including local and central government, we will be developing vibrant town centres and commercial precincts, while maintaining the special character of Tāmaki. We’re improving transport and infrastructure and encouraging investment for an even brighter future.


Celebrating and building on Tāmaki’s strong community identity, particularly Māori and Pasifika, is important for our community to see their future here. We create opportunities for community participation in shaping Tāmaki into an awesome place to live. Some of our community work includes street dinners for neighbours to get to know each other, supporting community groups to celebrate cultural events such as Matariki and Lunar New Year, working with residents to trial new street activations, and creating community focal points where people meet and children play, such as the new playground on Aveline Place in Glen Innes. We’re creating friendly, welcoming neighbourhoods and making sure that our developments enhance the stunning natural environment of Tāmaki.


Our mix of 10,500 private market, affordable and state housing will increase housing affordability, accessibility and choice over the next 20 years. 3500 private market homes of varying typologies will be sold directly by our developers. 3500 affordable homes will include Kiwibuild, as well as Tāmaki Regeneration Co.’s own housing products - shared home ownership and soon to be released long-term rentals. 3500 new state houses will accommodate new and existing tenants. Our Tāmaki Housing Association team delivers a tenancy service that places the wellbeing of our whānau at the heart of all that we do. Our team helps move whānau into one of our healthier new homes through our Tāmaki commitment, “Every Tāmaki local who wishes to stay in Tāmaki, will have the opportunity to do so.”

The Tāmaki masterplan

Tāmaki Regeneration Company has a master plan for a brighter future for Tāmaki, which is guiding our regeneration programme. The Tāmaki regeneration programme is opening doors to home ownership, creating training, employment and business opportunities for the community, and enhancing wellbeing in Tāmaki, especially for Māori and Pasifika whānau. Together we are creating a place for everyone, where new possibilities can flourish.

Watch this video to learn more about the master plan for Tāmaki.