Streets4Everyone trial almost finished!

June 10, 2021

Streets4Everyone trial almost finished!
Streets4Everyone trial almost finished!

The Streets4Everyone trial in Point England is coming to an end and we’re keen to reconnect with residents to share some early findings from the trial.

The trial has been in place for over two months and is scheduled to be removed by the end of June.

We would like to thank all residents for their patience and participation during the trial. We’ve received a variety of feedback about the trial which will help inform any permanent changes that could be made in the future.

Please join us on Saturday 19th June when we are hosting a gathering at the detour, sharing hearty winter kai, and talking about what we have observed and heard from the neighbourhood so far.   

Unfortunately this event is now cancelled due to the weather forecast.

We will also continue to gather feedback on the day and post-trial.  If you would like to share your views in person and have a chat about the process please email and we can arrange a time to get together.

Our trial survey is still live, so please click on this link and having your say.

Important dates:
Unfortunately this event is now cancelled due to the weather forecast.
Saturday 19 June 1pm–3pm
Winter gathering
Location: Waddell Ave-Anderson Ave intersection
Kai and sharing our learnings 

Monday 21 June
That’s a wrap! Contractors will be onsite to start removing the trial planters and returning the roadway to its previous condition.  This may take a few days to complete.