Tāmaki community grant Tāmaki community grant

Tāmaki community grant

The Community Liaison Committee (CLC) consists of key leaders in Tāmaki who collaborate with TRC to shape the organization's services and programs in a way that aligns with the needs and aspirations of Tāmaki.

In 2022, the CLC and TRC joined forces to create a fair and equitable grants process that would be driven by and for the community. Throughout this process, the CLC identified the following priority areas:

  • Te Taiao: Restoring and improving the natural ecology of Tāmaki.
  • Social Innovation: Empowering Tāmaki potential through entrepreneurial social initiatives.
  • Opportunities for whānau: Creating social and economic pathways for Tāmaki whānau to thrive and achieve success.


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Criteria and Assessment

All community grants applications must have explicity benefit to the Tāmaki regeneration areas of Point England, Glen Innes, and Panmure or the project/programme and relate to the priority areas of Te Taiao, Social Innovation and Opportunities for whānau.

Applications are prioritised if:

  • The recipient will grow in capacity or capability because of receiving the funds (e.g... use funds to become self sustainable)
  • The project/programme demonstrates a committment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • The project/programme provides or supports equitable outcomes
  • The project/programme is delivered in partnership (exluding TRC).

Before sending in your application, please check:

  • All the information in your grant application is correct
  • All neccesary supporting documents are sent with your application
  • You have applied for a minimum $500 or maximum $10,000
  • That you have provided an accurate breakdown of the cost of your project/programme.

For more information see the FAQs below

Investment approach

The total funding pool for this round amounts to $80,000 and is allocated across the following categories:

Community Grants:

  • Project grant amounts range from $500 to $10,000 per application.

Education and Training Grants:

  • 1 x $5,000 further education grant for a Tāmaki resident pursuing further education in environment-related studies, including environmental and ecological studies.
  • 1 x $5,000 further education grant for a Tāmaki resident pursuing further education in social science-related subjects, such as health science, public health, or related fields.
  • 1 x $5,000 grant available for a Tāmaki resident pursuing any further education or training program.

Funding cannot be used for the following purposes: salaries, applications related to alcohol licensing, groups that have not met their accountability obligations, requests for amounts outside the specified minimum or maximum funding limits, debt repayment, legal expenses, or medical expenses.

Application process

CLC Grant Round Applications Open Applications Close Decision Date
Round One 20 September 2022 20 October 2022 20 November 2022
Round Two 25 September 2023 10 November 2023 20 November 2023

To apply, download and complete the relevant application form and return it by email to clcgrants@tamakiregeneration.co.nz. If you are applying for a further education grant, please also email us your CV and references.

Download education grant form Download community grant form

How much can we apply for?

There are two funding types available for potential applicants - up to $10,000 for project grants and up to $5,000 for individual further education and training grants.

What types of projects would fit the criteria?

We are seeking projects big and small. You could be a community group that supports local business owners, a whānau support service, or an environmental group focused on planting or waste minimisation, for example.

What can the individual education or training grants be used for?

The individual grants are for those people looking to further their skills and education in one of the category areas of environment, social science, or general study. If you are applying for the individual further study grants, then please also send your CV and include references.

Where can we get an application form?

Forms can be downloaded by clicking on the buttons above these FAQs, or printed copies can be collected at 149 Queens Road, Panmure.

When do applications close?

The first round of grant applications close on Thursday 20 October at 5pm. All submissions must be completed in full to the best of your ability and be sent through before this date.

How long will it take to process our application?

The Community Liaison Committee will be reviewing all of the applications and notification of results will be done in writing by 20 November 2022

How will you contact us if more information is required?

We will reach out to you via the contact details you provided in your application form.

Are there conditions attached to grants?

Yes, a reporting template will be sent to all successful applicants. Funded applications will only need to supply outcomes and insights if they are explicitly recorded on the reporting template.

Do we need to keep receipts for goods and services purchased?

No. You will only need to provide evidence for outcome delivery, such as photos and feedback from attendees or staff.

How and when will the grant be paid?

Grants will be paid via direct deposit to the organisation’s or individual’s bank account within an agreed timeframe. We may ask for accreditation, your organisation’s constitution, or other supporting documents to verify delivery and funds.

How will my applications be reviewed?

All applications go through an initial screen test by TRC staff which will blind the applications (where possible) before being reviewed further. Blinding is a process in which applications will be deidentified so that the selection process can occur more fairly. Following this, blinded applications are analysed by the CLC Grant Committee (a CLC subcommittee) to decide the successful applications.

Need help completing forms?

If you have any questions or need help filling out forms, call us on 0800 521 555 or send us a message at clcgrants@Tāmakiregeneration.co.nz.

Download a grant application form by clicking on one of the buttons above these FAQs, fill out the form and send it to clcgrants@Tāmakiregeneration.co.nz