Recycling Tāmaki’s Old State Homes

July 23, 2021

Recycling Tāmaki’s Old State Homes Recycling Tāmaki’s Old State Homes

A local Church, a Māori owned de-construction business and Tara Moala, TRC’s Service and System Designer, have banded together to trial a unique programme that will repurpose and reuse Tāmaki’s old state homes. 

The Tāmaki regeneration program will see old state houses make way for a mix of brand new state homes, affordable homes and private market homes. The pilot recycling project aims to relocate, refurbish and reuse as many of Tāmaki’s old state homes as possible, to provide emergency housing for those who need it, and to help reduce landfill. 

Traditionally, in new housing developments, old homes have been completely demolished, the diggers come in and everything is destroyed and taken away. But right here in Tāmaki, we’re trialing ways to salvage and reuse sound housing materials such as native timber, window latches, working household appliances and more.

To learn more about the Repurposing Homes project, who's involved, and how recycled materials can benefit the Tāmaki community and the environment click through to this New Zealand Herald article and read the full story.