New team bringing OWN IT to Tāmaki

November 26, 2021

New team bringing OWN IT to Tāmaki New team bringing OWN IT to Tāmaki

Meet the awesome team talking to the local community about OWN IT – Tāmaki Regeneration’s affordable housing programme. 

Manager Geoff Fariu has recently been joined by community advisors Selina Patia and Caroline Koloamatangi. The trio are out in the community talking to locals about OWN IT in information sessions and workshops, which run on Zoom and in person when lockdowns allow.

The information sessions give people the chance to listen to a presentation about the programme and ask any questions they might have. The OWN IT financial capability workshops help people learn about reducing debt and getting mortgage ready, along with a more in-depth look at the affordable housing programme. 

TRC plans on building 1500 affordable homes in the next 20 years. A large number of new homes will be available after 2025, which means now is the time to get local whānau on board. 

“It can take two or three years to get mortgage ready, so that’s why we’re talking to people about applying for the programme now, Geoff says. 

“Having the team around me is really important. To have that team that is based in Tāmaki, known to the community and making a difference is really exciting. I’d encourage people to come to the info sessions and OWN IT workshops. We’ll show them how to stay engaged with the programme, particularly with all the different parts involved.” 

Geoff says he’s keen to help break the cycle of people renting and move them into homeownership. 

“This is particularly the case for our Māori and Pasifika whānau who have really low rates of home ownership.” The Tāmaki community is made up of 60% Māori and Pasifika people.”

Selina says it’s an exciting time to be part of the affordable housing team. 

“Everyone sees owning a home as something that’s really difficult. It’s awesome being able to be part of possibly inspiring others to take that journey. We’re going to work really hard to see how we can help the community.” 

And Caroline sees being part of the team as a chance to help Tāmaki locals stay in the area as part of the regeneration programme. 

“Hopefully this inspires others to join on this home ownership journey.” 

TRC also has an amazing partner in the New Zealand Housing Foundation, which manages the pipeline of applicants and provides a household manager to work with people once they have a home. 

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