Local Whānau lay down permanent roots in Tāmaki

June 30, 2023

Local Whānau lay down permanent roots in Tāmaki Local Whānau lay down permanent roots in Tāmaki

Grace Levi and Isaiah Tuiti joined OWN IT in 2021 and are now the proud owners of their first home – right in the heart of Tāmaki.

Grace was born and raised in Glen Innes and can’t see herself living anywhere else. Her family moved to Cook Islands from Aotearoa in the mid-1970s, where they lived in homes around Glen Innes and Point England. She has worked in and around Tāmaki and is currently based nearby at Tāmaki College as the Executive Assistant to the Principal. When Grace and partner Isaiah received the keys to their new home, they say it was a moment they will never forget.

“It really feels like our prayers have been answered. We were overwhelmed when we got the keys to our new home. We couldn’t wait to tell our family and friends!”

The couple joined the OWN IT programme in 2021 and spent two years working hard towards their dream. They will be living with younger sister Hope, and daughter Alyssa.

"Home ownership wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of TRC and the Housing Foundation. Taking part in the OWN IT programme really helped us better
understand what to expect when buying a house. We learnt the
importance of budgeting, setting goals and putting a plan in place.”

Living close to the Tāmaki Presbyterian Church has always been important to the whānau, so being able to buy a house locally and remain in the area has been a true blessing, says Grace. “I don’t see myself living anywhere else.”