Celebrating 1000 jobs with Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub

December 3, 2021

The friendly team at the Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub are here to help locals into jobs

Celebrating 1000 jobs with Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub Celebrating 1000 jobs with Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub

Since the first job candidate, Geraldine Lee-Kum, landed a job with SaveBarn back in 2014 - the team at the Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub (formerly Career Start) haven’t looked back. They are now celebrating their 1000th job placement.
Lee Atuahiva, a local Tāmaki man is the 1000th person to be supported by the team. Lee first got involved with the Hub when his older brother went through the Career Start programme and loved it. Over the years Lee has returned to the Hub for support with his driver licence and upskilling to apply for new roles.

Recently, Lee was offered a job with Mike Jarman Maintenance who are contracted by Spencer Henshaw to carry out maintenance work on local properties. Lee says his confidence had improved thanks to the support from the hub.

Lee says, “They talk to you, like normal humans. You don’t have to be nervous or anything. They understand you. With any situation you are going through, they understand.”

The Hub, who provide ongoing mentoring for their clients for up to a year after employment, have continued to support Lee into his new role with the local maintenance company.

As an employer, Mr Jarman has also appreciated the support provided by the Jobs and Skills Hub, saying, “The Hub have always been very helpful, they’ve been with us the whole way. I’d encourage any employer to go through them and employ local.”

The Jobs and Skills Hub evolved as a partnership between the Tāmaki Regeneration Company and the Auckland Business Chamber, to create a welcoming space where the Tāmaki community can go for assistance with their job search.

Tāmaki Regeneration General Manager Social Transformation, Afoa Tevita Malolo says the Hub is more than an office, providing a welcoming environment to help people feel comfortable from the moment they walk in the door.

“The team at the Hub are very approachable and listen to jobseekers to understand what their needs are. The hub can then tailor their services to the individual’s needs. This may be assisting with training, help getting a driver licence, preparing their CVs, practicing interview skills or building confidence. They will also remain with the job seeker throughout the process of getting work ready, applying for jobs and going to interviews. They will continue to mentor jobseekers for up to a year after they find employment.”

Mr Malolo says, “We know the community appreciate this as they keep coming back.”

He says an incredible example of the value the team at the Tāmaki Jobs and Skills Hub provides, is the fifteen members of a local whānau who have been supported into employment by the Hub over the years. “This whanau now has greater aspirations and are looking at joining the Tāmaki Regeneration OWN-It programme which assists Tāmaki locals to work towards buying their own home.”

He says, “We know there are whānau out there who are struggling to find work. The team have been working right through lock-down and are available to assist you reach your goals and aspirations. When you are ready, get in touch.”

Mike from Mike Jarman Maintenance, encourages employers to employ local