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We’re building all sorts of homes to give locals and new families moving into Tāmaki plenty of choice.

From one-bedroom apartments to large family homes with five bedrooms, there will be homes for whānau of all shapes and sizes. A third of the new homes we are building are state homes and the other two thirds will be available for sale. Around half of the homes sold will be priced more affordably. Around 1,500 of these are being built especially for whānau with a connection to Tāmaki, and sold through OWN IT by Tāmaki Affordable Homes.

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Types of Homes

Tāmaki Regeneration Company homes are built by trusted building companies to high standards that make them energy efficient and cheaper to run.

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Plan to buy

There will be around 10,500 homes coming to Tāmaki over the next 20 years. With the right planning and preparation, one of them could be yours.

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Meet the builders

We’ve carefully selected the builders we’re partnering with. Find out more about them here.

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