Get new skills or a great job Get new skills or a great job

Get new skills or a great job

The Jobs and Skills Hub is a free service for Tāmaki locals.

Get ready for work with one-on-one help from one of our friendly team. We can:

  • Give you career advice
  • Help you find free training courses or apprenticeships
  • Coach you on interview skills 
  • Work with you to write your CV
  • Help you apply for your driver’s licence
  • Help you apply for jobs online
  • Match you with local jobs

The path to employment

Meet some of our inspiring graduates


Cassandra landed her first job while she was still completing the Career Start programme. She says the course improved her confidence, and finding work has changed her life for the better.

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Zjiovani celebrated being the first graduate apprentice with the Tamaki Jobs & Skills Hub to complete his apprenticeship with grit determination within record time by applying himself and studying extra hours to reduce the length of time required.

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