Apply for a Shared Ownership home

Apply for a Shared Ownership home


A Shared Ownership Home is jointly owned by either Tāmaki Regeneration Company or The New Zealand Housing Foundation, and a family. The family will increase their share of the home over time to eventually fully own the home. Your whānau must earn between $85,000-$130,000 to be eligible. You can join together with other family members to meet this income requirement.

Before you start

To qualify, you must: 

  • Earn between $85,000-$130,000 a year as a household
  • Have NZ citizenship or permanent residency 
  • Have a connection to Tāmaki (for example, you live in, work in, or whakapapa to Tāmaki)

Step 1.
Apply for a Shared Ownership Home

Are you already ‘mortgage-ready’, or close to it?

(In other words, you have a deposit saved and feel confident you can pay for your mortgage.) 

YES ----> Keep going

NOT YET? ----> Complete the Pathways to Housing Independence programme to get mortgage-ready, then apply for a Shared Ownership Home.

Step 2.
Complete your application

We’ll work with you to gather more detailed info, like proof of earnings. 
We’ll prioritise your application based on:

  • The strength of your connection to Tāmaki
  • Whether you’ve completed the Pathways to Housing Independence programme
  • Whether you’re a key worker
  • What size of home your whānau needs
  • How far away you are from being mortgage-ready
  • Māori whānau and Pasifika kainga will be prioritised for the programme 

Step 3.
Get matched with a home

Once you’re mortgage-ready, we’ll match you with a suitable home when it becomes available.

  • We’ll check that the home is still affordable for your whānau
  • If two or more whānau are eligible for a home when it becomes available, we’ll hold a ballot
  • If you don’t win the ballot, you’ll stay on the list for the next home that becomes available

Step 4.
Get ready to move in!

We’ll help you to sort out your mortgage and move in.